We move people!

In 2007, Frank Bisgaard became an independent haulier under Aarhus Taxa, already having a past as a citybus and taxi driver, in Aarhus, he was ready for new challenges. In 2019, Frank decided it was time for a real business name and P2P-transit was born.

P2P-transit is driving for various shipping companies to move their employees around between aircraft, hotels, immigration authorities and the ships. Frank has been doing this for several years, with the new name he wants to strengthen and improve this collaboration, and has in 2019 employed Kim to handle the technique, booking and day to day operation.

P2P-transit want to move people in a professional safe way, and always on time.
No one will be left behind because of us.

To be a part of this collaboration, you must be a registered partner, contact us and we will call you back.


Here you can see us at the other end.

Frank Bisgaard

This entrepreneur fell in love with the sun in 1964 and has since tried to stay in it, almost his entire adult life as a driver, with a keen eye for good service.

kim lys

Kim Sau Therkelsen

Is responsible for the website and other officepapers. He has been breathing since 1969, much of the time as a chauffeur, first in city bus’ and later taxi.